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Denbighshire County Council

Pont y Ddraig, Rhyl

We continue to receive positive feedback from the public regarding the bridge lighting, with the local branch of the RNLI recently using the illuminated bridge as a backdrop for press photography.

Arthur Davies - Harbour Master
Denbighshire County Council

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The outcome of the lighting has far exceeded our expectations and offers the site an additional attraction to increase interest in this historic landmark.

Mike Saddington - Contract Manager
RLD Construction

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LTP’s and VSI’s services were great throughout, the team were really positive and helpful, and advised on what was needed. They worked well with our contractors and we will definitely work with them again, hopefully on our next gym.

Mike Davies - Managing Director
Robert Davies Health and Fitness Centre

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I think the best way to describe the lighting scheme is by the reaction of the public in the area at the time, which has been ‘WOW’.

Kevin Dyer - Head of Technical Operations
London Eye

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The Imagination Light Canvas is a perfect example of how lighting can improve wellbeing and uplift people’s spirits. But, the ultimate seal of approval is seeing a child’s face light up when they first walk in – that is really what it’s all about.

Peter Maskell - Chairman
Philips Electronics

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LTP Integration has been superb, bringing extensive local knowledge, history and other invaluable bonuses to the table.”

Richard Williams - Project Manager

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[Vaughan Sound and LTP have provided] an ideal setting for relaxing afternoons with the papers, a quiet drink or an exclusive party or celebration.

Bronwyn Lanham -
Stradey Park Hotel

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We were really impressed with the impact of the cylinders and thrilled that they could allocate targeted content to different displays at different parts of the day.

02 Broadcast Manager -

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The sculptures and the LED installation are breathtaking, thanks to your work.

Agostino Ghirardelli - Principal Technical Director
Studio Libeskind Milan

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The lighting installation on the tower has enabled this landmark structure to be visible at night, as well as during the day. LTP and the team have provided us with a sustainable, energy-efficient solution that complements the ethos of the new development - they have been a pleasure to work with.

Valli van Zijl - Project Manager

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