LTP Integration

Lighting Solutions for Visitor Attractions

With almost 30 years in the industry, LTP Integration is an experienced provider of interior and exterior architectural lighting solutions to visitor attractions, including the London Eye, The O2 and Cadw sites across Wales.

We provide a diverse range of lighting solutions such as:
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Effects Lighting
  • Exhibition Lighting
  • Façade Lighting
  • LED String
  • LED Tiles
  • Lightboxes
For use in visitor attractions such as:
  • Cultural Venues
  • Exhibitions
  • Family Attractions
  • Galleries
  • Heritage Sites
  • Museums
  • Theatres
  • Theme Parks
With a complete tailored, turnkey package to suit individual requirements:
  • Consultancy
  • Specification
  • System Design & Visualisation
  • Bespoke Manufacturing
  • Supply
  • Integration
  • Post-Contract Support
  • Planned Maintenance

Interior and exterior lighting solutions can play multiple roles in the day-to-day operation of visitor attractions.

From traditional functional purposes such as safety and security, to its increasing use for beautification – boosting footfall and acting as a tool for tourism development.

Lighting, used in the correct manner, is a powerful tool in helping people to genuinely connect with spaces – enhancing interactivity, providing a welcoming environment, and accentuating the visual appeal of objects, exhibits and key features.

LTP Integration also provides high quality, energy-efficient LED solutions that can help deliver information, enrich displays, and improve the overall visitor experience.

Our diverse architectural lighting solutions can significantly enhance the way in which people interact with many types of visitor attraction, both internally and externally.

Working closely with management and operators to determine planned events in the venue’s calendar allows our architectural lighting solutions to be customised to align with your specific needs.

Standard and special sequences can be pre-programmed and stored, meaning that the theme can be changed dramatically at the push of a button via touchscreen controllers or mobile devices.

“I think the best way to describe the lighting scheme is by the reaction of the public in the area at the time, which has been ‘WOW!'”

– Kevin Dyer, Head of Technical Operations, London Eye