LTP Integration overcame product specification and environmental constraints to succeed in the delivery of this complex task lighting scheme at Hams Way, Worcester.

Hams Way Bridge - Task Lighting - LTP Integration

Client Overview

Hams Way is a stretch of the A440 to the south west of the historic city of Worcester.

Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd were appointed as main contractor to provide a new cycle and footbridge over this busy road to the west of Powick Roundabout, as part of Worcestershire County Council’s Southern Link Road Phase 4 (SLR4) improvement works. Yorkshire based steel fabricator, SH Structures Ltd were responsible for the offsite build of the bridge.

The bridge’s ramps offer easy access to the National Cycle Network Route 46, while the bridge itself provides one of four new crossings of the Southern Link Road alongside Broomhall Way Footbridge, Crookbarrow Way Footbridge, and a new underpass near the Ketch roundabout.

Project Brief

Further to previous successful collaborations on architectural lighting projects across the UK, LTP Integration was commissioned by SH Structures Ltd to design and develop an LED-based task lighting product, that would fit within the low-level stainless steel plinth of the bridge, ramps and stair areas.

The lighting solution had to present as a continuous line of light along the curved length of the structures.

The output of this product would need to satisfy lighting levels as per BS EN 13201-2:2003, while also having the facility to be dimmed during the evenings to reduce the impact on the rural surrounds at both ends of the ramps.

Technical Solutions

The major challenge of this project centred around there being no product on the market that would provide the necessary performance, while also fitting within a specific rebated and curved structure. LTP Integration therefore employed the services of a local specialist lighting manufacturer and long-term partner. They were tasked with designing and producing a plinth light solution that would be robust, satisfy the required lighting performance, and also offer the necessary aesthetic attributes needed.

The lighting solution, as designed, specified and installed by LTP Integration, used a low voltage LED based light engine that is fully dimmable via DSI (digital serial interface) and DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) controlled LED drivers.

The drivers themselves were installed inside several dedicated driver enclosures. These were remotely located at various positions beneath the ramps and bridge sections, fixed to suitable mounting points on the bridge support structure. An engineer’s trim unit was included in each of the lighting circuits to allow for fine tuning of the light levels post installation.

The newly developed Pictor Linear 483/36CC-FL lighting system was installed within the plinths in sections, then the light output of each circuit of luminaires were ‘trimmed’ to achieve the correct luminance, thus ensuring maximum energy efficiency.


The installation of the newly developed plinth lighting system exceeded the design brief, providing spectacular results.

The close collaboration between LTP Integration and SH Structures from the early stages and throughout the installation translated to an excellent project delivery.


“It has been a pleasure working with the LTP Integration team, they are a truly considerate contractor.” – Chris Richardson, Project Manager (SH Structures Ltd)

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Project info

ClientWorcestershire County Council
EquipmentLED Drivers, Linear Lighting, Task Lighting

Key Products

  • 720 no. Pictor Linear 483/36CC-FL (with composite carrier and galvanic isolation)
  • 25 no. Mean Well ELG-240-36 LED drivers with on-board engineer's trim facility
Hams Way, Worcester - LTP Integration
Hams Way Bridge Lighting Curve - LTP Integration