LTP Integration collaborated with product design and manufacturing partners to provide the stunning decorative lighting and task lighting schemes to this unique £12m bridge.

A63 Princes Quay Bridge / Murdoch's Connection - Completion - LTP Integration

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Client Overview

The A63 Princes Quay Bridge / Murdoch’s Connection provides a safe and convenient pedestrian link between the city centre and waterfront marina in Hull.

This 60m long arched structure was designed for Highways England and features a dramatic curved canopy, which provides shelter for users.

The bridge – which spans the busy major road connecting Leeds with Kingston upon Hull – was named after the city’s first female GP, Dr Mary Murdoch following an essay competition by students at the nearby Newland School for Girls.

Project Brief

Following previously successful collaborations with SH Structures, who were engaged to build and install the bridge, LTP Integration was commissioned to supply and integrate both the task and beautification lighting schemes for the bridge deck, canopy, access ramps and stairs.

Technical Solutions

Having seen the artist’s impression of the bridge, Keith Elms, LTP Integration’s Operations Director concluded that the initial RGB specification needed to include a dedicated white element.

The ideal product to provide a seamless colour change within the canopy was the Lumos Polaris linear LED fixture from long term partner of excellence, i-Vision (UK) Ltd.

Custom lengths were manufactured in an RGB + Warm White configuration to give maximum colour mixing capability whilst adding the warmer tones and complementing the task lighting. The luminaires were carefully concealed within the inner spine of the bridge canopy and ocular features, which bathe the inner surfaces of the structure effectively.

To provide the required light levels and create a smooth, seamless transition between ramps, steps and the bridge deck, LTP integrated the BEGA 39.3-watt surface mounted LED downlights, which were the ideal choice due to their efficiency.

A bespoke bracket solution was designed and manufactured so the fixtures nestled as discretely as possible within the canopy, whilst still allowing them to be set at the correct angle. As a result, both form and function needs were met.

For the task lighting to illuminate the ramps and stairs, LTP Integration worked closely with an existing manufacturer to design a suitable product to meet the specification.

The new Sartre LED Stanchion Integrated Luminaire from LUG Light Factory created the required light output, whilst not detracting from the elegance of the bridge structure. These fixtures are seamlessly integrated within the structure of the parapets and have a pleasing 3000K colour temperature, complementing the BEGA canopy downlights.

LTP Integration chose Pharos as its preferred lighting control system, as it offered full flexibility to build dynamic, precise pre-programmed lighting displays which were date and time-coded to exact requirements, yet still allowed the freedom of real-time manual overrides when the client needed them.


From initial conception the A63 Princes Quay Bridge / Murdoch’s Connection was always destined to be an iconic part of the Hull city centre skyline and LTP Integration have played their part in making it just that little more dramatic and engaging.

The energy-efficient LED technology will provide a safe route for pedestrians between the city centre and the waterfront marina for many years to come.


“As ever, it’s the people that make the project. The commitment by all who have worked on the scheme has been phenomenal right to the end and I am really proud to be part of this fantastic scheme and to have met these great people. We have left a real legacy for Hull to enjoy.” – James Leeming, Senior Project Manager (Highways England)

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Project info

ClientHighways England, Hull City Council
EquipmentDecorative Lighting, Task Lighting, Lighting Control

Key Products

  • 143 no. LUG Light Factory Sartre LED Stanchion Integrated LED Luminaires (ramps and stairs)
  • 7 no. BEGA 3000K narrow beam 66 982 K3 downlights (task lighting)
  • 12 no. BEGA 3000K medium beam 66 983 K3 downlights (task lighting)
  • 18 no. circuits of Lumos Polaris RGBW Linear set within the bridge spine and portals (decorative lighting)
  • 1 no. Pharos lighting control system
A63 Princes Quay Bridge / Murdoch's Connection - Blue - LTP Integration
A63 Princes Quay Bridge / Murdoch's Connection - Orange Ceiling - LTP Integration