LTP Integration transformed a multi-storey car park at this popular shopping destination in Hampshire, enhancing the wayfinding scheme through the use of energy-efficient LED lighting.

Festival Place Shopping Centre - LTP Integration

Client Overview

As part of Festival Place Shopping Centre‘s refurbishment programme, attention was focused on improvements to the existing car parks.

Works included the demolition of an existing, underused car park structure next to the Alencon Link. Car parks A, B and C across levels 1-5 were upgraded internally and externally, significantly improving their appearance.

The upgraded car parks now provide an enhanced experience for visitors and are an important part of the wider renovation works at Festival Place.

These improvements include new coloured zones to help shoppers remember which level they parked, including matching coloured, illuminated wayfinding signage to ease navigation around the car park and to the shopping areas.

Project Brief

Conceived and designed by architect Johnathan Talley, Associate Director at Bell Associates, the core entrances to the shopping areas were to be highlighted using a series of visual aids set to follow the upper wall areas around these locations.

The inclusion of illuminated panels was to complement the new colour co-ordinated paint scheme and wayfinding system.

In conjunction with Bradford-based, specialist LED light sheet manufacturers, Applelec, LTP Integration was appointed as system integrators by structural refurbishment contractors Makers Construction Ltd.

Our team was tasked with developing and delivering the practical solution to realise Bell Associates’ concept of attaching slimline illuminated lighting panels to the multiples of core entrances of the multi-storey car parks that lead to the shopping facilities.

Technical Solutions

To deliver this system, LTP Integration liaised with various specialist manufacturers and suppliers to develop and produce a modular, complete ‘framed’ solution.

The end product was to be robust enough to suit the public realm environment, while providing the light levels that were required to create the desired effect.

As the designers required the wayfinding units to match the specific range of colours chosen for each floor, off-the-shelf coloured laminates could not be considered.

The ‘Safe Park’ units comprised of a bespoke Applelec LED panel coupled with a laser printed, RAL matched, coloured acrylic diffuser.

This arrangement was protected by a toughened, laminated safety glass front and wrapped in a compact aluminium frame, and was supplied by Welsh specialists Valley Group.

With the ‘Safe Park’ panel configuration for each individual core having to be specifically designed around the local architecture, each unit was manufactured bespoke to suit the various changes in direction of the building’s structure.

Extensive and accurate measurements had to be taken ahead of manufacture, using contemporary laser technology.

This ensured dimensions were exact and co-ordinated with a metal support system that was to be installed by the electrical contractor.

Applelec supplied 24v LED light engines for this application due to the length of the cable runs from the LED drivers to the final panel locations.

The 24v 150w Meanwell LED drivers controlling the panels were installed inside enclosures and located within the ceiling voids of each core entrance, allowing easy access for future maintenance.


The framed panel solution proved to be successful in all areas, offering a robust and visually stunning addition to the refurbishment, while improving the user’s experience.


“The team at LTP Integration have professionally delivered an excellent solution and were a pleasure to work with for the duration of the contract.” – William McCrimmon, Regional Construction Manager (Makers Construction Ltd)

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Project info

ClientMakers Construction Ltd
EquipmentLED Drivers, LED Light Sheets

Key Products

  • Applelec LED Light Sheet (Lower Floors)
  • Bright Green LED Light Sheet (Upper Floors)
  • LTP Integration 'Safe Park' Panels
  • 24v DC 150w Meanwell LED Drivers