LTP Integration was integral to the delivery of this impressive light art installation, which was later shortlisted for a leading industry award.

Spitalfields Market Light Art - LTP Integration

Client Overview

Spitalfields Market, located near Liverpool Street train station, is famous for its longstanding history of gathering diverse traders and market stands in an area recognised for its wealth of different cultures.

In 1682, King Charles II granted a Royal Charter to John Balch to hold the market on Thursdays and Saturdays. Today the market is famous for supporting artists, its unique displays of goods, designer stores, outdoor events, street food and modern cafés, restaurants and bars.

Spitalfields Old Market is widely recognised as one of East London’s oldest attractions for selling a vast array of commodities, from handmade crafts and antiques to high-end fashion items.

Project Brief

LTP Integration was appointed as system integrator directly by the market’s facilities management company, CMBE.

Our team was tasked with developing and delivering a unique, expansive light art feature. The concept of this had been conceived by London-based lighting designers Studio 29, in order to attract higher levels of public footfall and increase dwell times in this area of the market.

The design was based upon installing a series of 40 illuminated acrylic features spanning across the interior roof line of the Crispin Place aspect of the market.

Suspended approximately five metres above the floor, each unit was to have a specific suspension orientation and height, such that collectively the silk moths would form an interesting light art array and offer a sense of motion through the space.

Technical Solutions

To deliver this system, LTP Integration collaborated with various specialist partners to develop and produce the required solution.

The original concept had specified a 5mm illuminated acrylic ‘light sheet’, shaped to form wing shapes which were supported with a metal body. This solution was replaced with a 12mm thick polycarbonate alternative, given the fire-retardant properties of the latter being the preferred medium to use in a public space. The arrangement was held together with a bespoke aluminium rhomboid box.

The final design iteration of the features saw them deep engraved with a pattern of swirls and circles, presented as stylised wings of silk moths. These were then edge lit using exterior rated, linear, coloured LED light engines.

The silk moths incorporate an LED decoder located within the body of the features, allowing each individual unit to be controlled independently of the others around it.

A complex catenary wire suspension system was then designed, using existing suspension points that were located on the primary steel beams at high level. Stainless steel catenary wires were used for their inherent strength and longevity in this semi-external environment.

A 24v power network plus DMX data distribution system was installed at high level to one side of the market ceiling, set within a bespoke 100mm x 100mm cable trunking arrangement. This allows each feature to have a dedicated power and data feed to reduce any future issues with data transfer.

Finally, a Pharos control system was used to control the entire display and was located within one of the market’s feeder pillars for easy access. This unit was programmed with a fully automated set of sequences, as well as some manual functions that the market’s management team can select from to suit the various events held throughout the year.


The silk moth light art installation is proving to be extremely popular with visitors to the market both old and new.

The project was subsequently shortlisted for a [d]arc award in the Art: High Budget category, ‘celebrating the best in lighting design’.


“LTP Integration has taken the lighting design concept and genuinely brought it to life, providing an energy-efficient LED art feature that truly complements this popular public space and offers a fascinating new attraction after dark.” – Neil Sykes, Site Supervisor

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Project info

EquipmentDMX Splitters, LED Drivers, Lighting Control, Linear Luminaires

Key Products

  • 24v DC 200W Meanwell LED drivers
  • I-vision UK Elektra concealed RGB linear luminaires
  • Pharos TPC and EXT control system
  • Stainless steel 2mm, 3mm, 6mm wire rope catenary system
  • Swisson X-SP-3B DMX splitters
  • Valley Group deep engraved, formed acrylic light sheet