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LTP Integration’s technical expertise led to the provision of an effective and durable installation solution for this modern LED façade lighting feature at Walker’s Court, in the heart of the trendy district of Soho in the West End of London.

Walker's Court - LED Facade Lighting - LTP Integration

Client Overview

Soho Estates is a property development company previously owned by investor and publisher Paul Raymond. His Raymond Revuebar opened in Walker’s Court in 1958 and became a hugely popular entertainment venue.

Raymond’s profits were reinvested in the local area, and today the estate spreads across an impressive portion of the eclectic district of London.

Boasting a vibrant mix of bars, clubs, hotels, independent retailers, offices and restaurants, this impressive project seeks to further the company’s strategy of enhancing existing stock through careful restoration and considered redevelopment.

Briggs and Forrester were appointed as specialist mechanical and electrical subcontractors by main contractor Blenheim House.

Project Brief

LTP Integration was appointed by the Special Projects division of leading contractor Briggs and Forrester.

Our team was asked to provide its expertise on the integration of an Anolis UK RGB node product to an ambitious avant-garde LED feature.

Designed by local lighting designers Studio- 29, this forms an integral part of the façade refurbishment to this ambitious redevelopment scheme in the entertainment district of Soho.

The modernisation of Walker’s Court also includes the revival of Boulevard Theatre, enhanced retail space and a new headquarters for the developer, Soho Estates.

Technical Solutions

At high level, the south facing aspect of the façade on Brewer Street bears the famous neon sign of Raymond Revuebar – a theatre and strip club from 1958-2004.

The signage was restored to its former glory as part of the refurbishment works, with a new period ‘hit and miss’ brickwork wall below this prominent feature.

Lighting designers Studio-29 designed an Anolis LED-based RGB node solution, using no less than 1300 ArcPix RGB nodes, which sits behind this brickwork, back washing onto the existing façade within the cavity.

This provides an unusual visual spectacle that complements the landmark neon signage, showcasing the building’s heritage utilising 21st century technology.

LTP Integration designed, manufactured and installed a series of bespoke laser-cut stainless steel carrier plates to sit behind the brickwork, effectively supporting the Anolis lighting product.

With suitable access and ongoing maintenance both key considerations, lugs were formed as part of the plate design, enabling each individual LED node to be removed for servicing or replacement in the event that this is required in future.

For control, a Pharos solution was specified. A Touch Panel Controller (TPC) offers 512 channels of eDMX output and vast interfacing potential, allowing complex scenes and colour sequences to be created across the large digital canvas.

The customisable user interface enables an individual to easily transition between effects, scenes, timelines and pixel-mapped media.

Paired with a Video Lighting Controller (VLC), this presents an extremely intuitive yet cost-effective system for managing large LED pixel arrays.

Powerful show control and a range of creative, generative effects provide great versatility and make it perfect for a building façade of this nature.


LTP Integration’s expertise has provided an effective and durable installation solution for the lighting feature at Walker’s Court. The stunning concept, realised by Studio-29, will ensure this landmark will remain a focal point of London’s world-famous Soho district for many years to come.


“When complex structures need creative minds to administer a solution, look no further than LTP Integration.

“Keith and his team ensured Anolis products could be incorporated into the structural design of the building with minimal detriment to the listed status.

“Technical acumen coupled with an efficient approach means LTP Integration are who we go to for our systems integration needs.” – Muraly Kuhan, Business Development Manager (Anolis UK)

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Project info

ClientSoho Estates
LocationSoho, London
EquipmentLED Façade Lighting, Lighting Control

Key Products

  • Anolis ArcPix™ PP30 RGB
  • Anolis ArcPix™ Power
  • Pharos TPC
  • Pharos VLC