Chobham Road Bridge receives bat friendly handrail lighting

LTP Integration has completed the installation of more than 300 luminaires as part of an environmentally friendly handrail lighting scheme for Chobham Road Bridge in Woking, Surrey.

The new pedestrian and cycle bridge, which spans the Basingstoke Canal adjacent to the Chobham Road highway bridge, provides an uninterrupted towpath to improve connectivity while avoiding the busy road.

Chobham Road Bridge, Woking - Handrail Lighting - LTP Integration

LTP Integration specified handrail spot lights from British manufacturer, Footfall Lighting Limited. These luminaires were chosen as they provide a flush exterior to the circular steel handrails and asymmetric light flow.

Crucially they are available in 2700k, which was pivotal for the ecological design requirements of this particular project, as this colour temperature is friendlier for bats and other wildlife often found in close proximity to waterways.

The recessed handrail lighting is controlled via LED drivers that are contained within three dedicated driver enclosures located along the pathways. The spot lights are turned on and off using a photocell and timer.

The construction and illumination of the bridge forms one element of the wider town centre improvement initiative, part funded by Enterprise M3.

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