LTP Integration is delighted to have released its new Company Overview brochure.

Conceived and written in-house and designed and produced in collaboration with Swansea-based creative agency Waters, the brochure adds to the company’s impressive portfolio of high quality printed literature.

Speaking upon its launch, Marketing Coordinator, Steve Rees-Smith said: “We required a document that provides a concise summary of LTP Integration; while clearly portraying the company’s credibility, pedigree and core services.

“Internally, we dubbed it an ‘Elevator Pitch’ – essentially it needed to get across who we are and what we do in just a handful of pages, that anybody can quickly scan through in a matter of just a couple of minutes.

“We’re really pleased with what we’ve achieved, while the choice of stock for the printed brochure has brought our vibrant architectural lighting imagery to life.”

Click here to view and download the LTP Integration Company Overview. To obtain a hard copy brochure, please contact us today.