Lighting Technology Projects has installed an eye-catching exterior LED lighting scheme to illuminate the fly tower of the recently redeveloped Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. The modern day spire is part of the brand new multi-million pound building, which was designed by award-winning Keith Williams Architects to complement the city’s historic skyline.

The luminaire strategy for the external focal feature was devised by building engineers Max Fordham. LTP was invited to follow this scheme and illuminate the tower by Midas Technologies, whom had built the wrap around steel cage structure.

Installed within the framework of the cage and evenly positioned to produce a smooth wash across all four facades, the team chose 80 x 36 Watt Tryka Strip Module Optic for the project. The RGB linear floods were fitted with 6 x 25 degree lenses and selected for their cost-efficiency, durability and high quality light output.

The external face of the cage itself was lit with powerful 100 Watt LED cool white floods to provide a striking contrast to the colouration of the fly tower walls. Both products were programmed into an industry-standard Pharos controller, chosen for its user-friendly interface and operability. During the commissioning of the system, LTP also integrated an array of installed in-ground Pulsar RGB colonnade uplighters into the scheme.

Due to inaccessibility, the lighting installation was carried out by specialist rope access qualified electricians, who abseiled off the tower to install the fixtures to the metalwork substructure.

Photo: Tim Stubbings