LTP completes Great Ormond Street project

Lighting Technology Projects has provided Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Patient Hotel with a warm and welcoming illumination feature.

Established to offer the young patients and their parents free long and short term accommodation, the children’s hospital’s £14 million development desired a stimulating and friendly lighting display for its reception area.

The striking scheme was designed and proposed by Arup, who invited LTP to specify suitable equipment that could create the calming and therapeutic effect.

Running the entire width of the entrance floor and along the wall, the frosted glass light box was equipped with Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 to back-light the base, and wide angled iColor Cove NXT LED fittings to wash the main wall.

The CK’s iPlayer 2 controller and an eight-button recall pad were specified to manage the new lighting feature and the show/effect selections.

LTP completed the installation, programming and commission of the project ahead of schedule and well within budget.