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Milan Expo

Client Overview

The Universal Exposition takes place every five years, each time in a different country. Running from 1 May – 31 October, 2015’s Expo took place in Milan, Italy’s second most populous city. The chosen theme was ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.’ Over 140 countries participated; celebrating technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity, and how they relate to food and diet.

The Wings were created in order to animate a key public space with a continuous flow of pulsating patterns and imagery related to the theme of the Expo. The shimmering structures were designed by Polish-American architect and founder of the world-renowned architectural studio which bears his name – Daniel Libeskind.

Conceived as gates and anchoring four corners, the dynamic tree-like form of each spirals out of the ground and spreads into two branches spanning ten metres over the central square.

Project Brief

LTP Integration was commissioned by London-based live events, experience and digital space specialists, Innovision.

Located at Piazza Italia – at the crossroads of the two perpendicular axes along which 70 self-built exhibition spaces were positioned – the four wing structures were to be illuminated by over 10,000 individual RGB LED dots and have on board an integrated waterproof high-fidelity audio system.

Appointed as specialist installers, our team was tasked with providing the practical solution to fully integrate the dynamic LED lighting and audio scheme to the structures.

Technical Solutions

Crafted out of brushed aluminium and fabricated off-site in Stralsund, Germany by CIG Ostseestall, LTP collaborated with the leading manufacturers of 3D formed metal plates to coordinate the integration of the services and lighting equipment required for each structure.

5000 points of light, derived from Traxon Technologies’ Mini-Dot RGB String product, were located randomly across one face of each sculpture to develop a digital canvas capable of portraying a vast array media and effects.

One major challenge involved the design of a bespoke fixing for each of the 5000 lights. For this LTP worked closely with South Wales based lighting manufacturers, i-Vision (UK) Ltd, to develop and manufacture this product.

LTP was also required to integrate all control equipment into the main body of the honeycomb sections of each structure, as well as designing a unique ventilation system to provide automatic thermal management.

The project was completed with the addition of discrete near field, high-fidelity audio, with an ambient sound track accentuating the creative media displays.


LTP successfully overcame the many challenges encountered through contracting in mainland Europe. Our team efficiently managed all logistical and delivery implications to provide a stunning solution, which truly lit up the exposition and received plaudits from across the industry.

The Milan Expo 2015 welcomed over 20 million visitors over 184 days.

Client Comment

“The sculptures and the LED installation are breathtaking, thanks to your work.” - Agostino Ghirardelli (Principal Technical Director, Studio Libeskind Milan)

Key Products

  • 10,000 Traxon Mini-Dot String
  • 56 LED Drivers
  • 2 Bespoke Thermally Managed Control Enclosures
  • 2 Traxon LCE-mx (Lighting Control Engines)
  • 12 Traxon VMCs (Video Micro Converters)