Marlowe Theatre

Canterbury- Architectural Lighting

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Marlowe Theatre

The new Marlowe Theatre, reopened in October 2011 after undergoing a multi-million pound redevelopment over a period of seven months, features a fly tower that was devised by Keith Williams Architects - who were responsible for designing the multi-million pound new build on the site of the old theatre - to act as a modern day spire to the city’s historic skyline.

With the external focal feature requiring illumination, LTP Integration was invited by Midas Technologies, whom had built the tower’s wrap around steel cage structure, to install a luminaire strategy developed by lighting designers Max Fordham.

LTP Integration opted for and installed 80 x 36 Watt Tryka Strip Module Optic fixtures, each of which was evenly positioned within the framework of the steel cage structure and selected for their cost-efficiency, stability and high quality light output.

The external face of the structure was lit with 100 watt LED cool white floods to provide a distinct and dynamic contrast to the colouration of the fly tower walls.

Following the grand opening, the Marlowe Theatre has received fantastic feedback for both its performances and building design, and is set to become one of the country’s landmark venues.