LTP installs London Eye LED scheme

Lighting Technology Projects has completed a stunning LED lighting installation on the British Airways London Eye, the most iconic contemporary structure gracing London’s famous skyline.

The permanent scheme, which features 2000 Color Kinetics luminaires, was selected to replace the wheel’s temporary fluorescent fixtures that didn’t do the architectural complexity justice.

LTP was recommended to the project by lighting distributors Architainment and worked closely with the London Eye’s Head of Technical Operations, Kevin Dyer and his team throughout. The impressive internally-lit illumination, which offers a smooth and seamless coverage of the steel framework, was specified as it met Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) requirements and could easily transition between a selection of colours via a robust and easy-to-use Pharos controller.

Speaking of the project’s success, Dyer said: “I think the best way to describe the lighting scheme is by the reaction of the public in the area at the time which has been ‘WOW’.”