Interactive light wall for Bristol Harbourside

Lighting Technology Projects has programmed and installed a unique piece of interactive light and video art at the impressive Millennium Square in Bristol Harbourside.

Working with lighting and visual environment consultants Speirs & Major and architects Faulkner Browns, the aptly-titled light wall, which was conceived by artist Tim Knowles, was designed to accentuate the waterside quarter and attract more visitors.

Measuring 50 metres wide by 12 metres tall, LTP installed an intelligent LED lighting system comprising of 288 vertical runs of iColor Flex SL 60 back-lit by ColorBlast 12 fixtures. A Color Kinetics’ video system manager was specified to transmit video content directly to the LED nodes, which act as controllable pixels, from a media server via Ethernet.

The custom mapping software and movement tracking system was established by digital providers Green Hippo. Interpreting the action of passers-by and relaying the information to the media server, the software converts the data into RGB signals to be understood by the video system manager, resulting in a dynamic light trial that travels across the wall.