Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions For Healthcare

LTP Integration provides an enormously diverse range of lighting products to hospitals and healthcare environments.

Our designs and specifications use best-in-class, energy-efficient LED products that deliver high performance while meeting stringent budgets and environmental KPIs.

LTP Integration’s effects lighting for healthcare strategies promote and improve patient wellbeing and mental health.

Energy-efficient effects lighting and associated products we can provide to healthcare institutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Accent lighting
  • Animated LED
  • Architectural recessed fittings
  • Fibre optic LED
  • LED chromatherapy luminaires
  • LED cove lighting
  • LED dynamic mood panels
  • Scene setting controls
  • Sensory lighting
  • Surface and pendant luminaires
  • Wall mounted fixtures

Our extensive range of energy-efficient effects lighting for healthcare offers huge energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

LED solutions are individually addressable/controllable, providing great flexibility for a vast variety of applications and scenarios.

There are many reasons why healthcare institutions, facility managers and operational staff choose LED lighting solutions.

Besides the many long-term cost and environmental advantages, our LED products also allow variable light colours and can be set to individual requirements and needs.

Attractive coloured scenes can be programmed for any time of day or activity.

For example, LTP Integration’s LED dynamic white products mimic the transition of the colours of natural daylight throughout the day.

Simulating natural light in areas that otherwise do not benefit from it has proven in countless studies to have a positive impact upon staff and patient wellbeing and their sense of comfort.

Example Energy-Efficient Effects Lighting for Healthcare projects:

“The Imagination Light Canvas is a perfect example of how lighting can improve wellbeing and uplift people’s spirits. But, the ultimate seal of approval is seeing a child’s face light up when they first walk in – that is really what it’s all about.”

– Peter Maskell, Chairman (Philips Electronics)