Energy-Efficient, Robust Architectural Lighting Solutions For Structures and Monuments

LTP Integration has extensive experience of providing specialist architectural lighting for structures and monuments.

Our vast array of product solutions designed for the illumination of structures, monuments, statues, fountains and public realm includes, but is not limited to:

  • Accent lighting
  • Colour wash lighting
  • Discharge sources
  • Inground fixtures
  • LED dots
  • LED floodlighting (DW, RGB, RGBW, RGBWA, White)
  • LED matrix
  • Linear LED
  • Neon and cold cathode
  • Non-neon LED
  • Spotlighting
  • Uplights

Lighting as a medium can truly bring the architectural form and material texture of structures, monuments, statues, fountains and public realm features to life, helping us to fully appreciate their design and transforming their visual appearance.

LTP Integration designs and installs LED architectural lighting solutions that deliver high-performance illumination, while combining energy-efficiency and enhanced functionality.

Using our wealth of experience of the contemporary and traditional lighting products currently on the market, we choose the architectural lighting solution that best accentuates and enhances the subject we are set to illuminate.

Often, architectural lighting for structures and monuments requires a tailored approach.

Our manufacturing expertise means we can design and develop bespoke enclosures, fittings and fixtures to suit all manner of installation requirements.

LTP Integration is proud to work alongside complementary trades, building longstanding partnerships and delivering successful architectural lighting schemes through collaborative working.

Using our wide range of engineering specialist partners – from bespoke LED luminaire manufacturers and metal workers to sculptors, 3D printers, signage manufacturers and glaziers – we are able to produce any component or complementary product parts that may be required for our projects.

As a business we thrive on relationships and synergy. We work creatively with architects, designers, manufacturers, structural engineers and contractors to create dynamic, energy-efficient and robust lighting installations.

Example projects involving Architectural Lighting for Structures and Monuments:

“The sculptures and the LED installation are breathtaking, thanks to your work.”

– Agostino Ghirardelli, Principal Technical Director (Studio Libeskind Milan)