LTP Integration

Architectural Lighting for Structures and Monuments

LTP Integration’s architectural lighting solutions for structures and monuments provide a natural addition to their colour, shape, texture and form.

We draw upon a quarter of a century of experience in illuminating structures and monuments across the UK and abroad; with award winning projects such as the Strand East Tower in Stratford and international success at the Universal Exposition in Milan.

LTP Integration embraces cultural and historical significance, turning these key landmarks into low light and night-time attractions through the use of considered architectural lighting.

We provide energy-efficient LED solutions that are sensitive to design, architecture and the immediate environmental surroundings.

Architectural lighting is used to enrich the visual appeal of public realm, landmarks, structures and monuments in towns and cities across the world.

Used in the correct manner, lighting allows us to fully appreciate the architectural design and construction that went into creating them.

The human eye is naturally drawn to points of brightness, meaning considered accent lighting can be extremely effective in highlighting focal points of structures and monuments.

Meanwhile, up-lighting and floodlighting are commonly used to illuminate surfaces and fundamental architectural details.

Up-lighting typically involves mounting fixtures at ground level, directing the light upwards to achieve a range of dramatic effects as it interacts with the surface of the structure.

Shadowing and silhouettes can also be created by focusing light at the rear of structures and monuments.

LTP Integration’s previously completed structures and monuments projects include:

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