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Energy-Efficient Interior and Exterior Lighting for Healthcare Buildings

Energy-efficient LED lighting for healthcare can have a multitude of positive impacts upon patients, staff and visitors in hospitals, surgeries, medical practices and nursing facilities.

LTP Integration works closely with lighting manufacturers, architects, designers and healthcare organisations to design and install LED-based solutions that significantly improve the appearance, experience and energy consumption of these vital spaces.

Key areas we cover:

  • Entrance foyers, reception and waiting areas
  • Wards and bedrooms
  • Circulation areas
  • Corridors and stairs
  • Operating theatres and clean rooms
  • Restaurants, canteens and kitchens
  • Offices, conference rooms and ancillary areas
  • Exteriors, car parks and outdoor amenities

Our healthcare lighting solutions may be functional and decorative – enhancing the appearance and surface character of the physical environment.

Likewise, LTP Integration’s systems may impact the psychological environment by reducing stress, relaxing the mind, brightening moods, producing aesthetic appeasement and creating a healing effect.

Countless studies and trials have found that carefully considered effects lighting in healthcare environments can dramatically improve the sense of wellbeing and sleep quality, as well as directly contributing to positive medical outcomes.

For example, bright light is effective in elevating the mood of patients suffering from depression, while decreasing the need for analgesic medication.

Lighting intensity also has an effect on Alzheimer’s sufferers, with a constant maintained level generating a reduction in agitation and disruptive behaviour.

Healthcare institutions place high demands on the quality and availability of lighting in key areas.

Above all, performance, efficiency and comfort are paramount to a successful lighting system.

Doctors, surgeons and care staff need specific lighting conditions to effectively carry out their duties in a busy, high-intensity workplace.

Patients need lighting that supports their recovery; generating a feel-good atmosphere and a calming environment that aids convalescence.

Previously completed LTP Integration healthcare projects include:

LTP Integration can guide you through all you need to know about interior and exterior, energy-efficient LED lighting for healthcare.

Our lighting designers and engineers are on hand to discuss your exact requirements.

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