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Interior and Exterior Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions for Buildings

Architectural lighting can completely transform buildings both inside and out. Increasingly, modern buildings and developments are embracing lighting as a critical architectural feature.

Combining artistic flair with scientific nous, designers and engineers working on new buildings must carefully consider how lighting will be used both internally and externally to enhance the characteristics of shapes, spaces and structures.

LTP Integration has 25 years of experience in delivering interior and exterior lighting schemes to buildings including bars, nightclubs, cinemas, theatres, hotels, offices, residential, retail, churches and more.

Adding interest to design details and enhancing visibility, our architectural lighting solutions for buildings range from functional to expressive, comforting to striking, contemporary to futuristic.

LTP Integration works closely with architects, designers and clients to develop and implement lighting schemes that suit the nature and use of buildings, and the way in which their occupants and daily users interact with them.

Externally, LTP Integration accentuates impressive architectural features to give life to a building’s skin, delivering true visual impact through illumination.

Internally, we provide energy-efficient LED lighting systems to key public areas such as reception areas and foyers, function rooms, staircases, walls and ceilings.

LTP Integration can assist in conducting lighting impact assessments to ensure the use of lighting truly benefits the internal and external environment, as well as building occupants and the local ecology.

Calling upon 25+ years of industry expertise, LTP Integration collaborates with lighting consultants, designers and manufacturers to devise schemes that carefully consider light spill, glare, energy usage and functionality.

Please see our Exterior and Interior Lighting for Buildings product page for further details on the types of solutions we can provide.

Previously completed LTP Integration building projects include:

LTP Integration can guide you through all you need to know about energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for building interiors and exteriors.

Our designers and engineers are on hand to discuss your specific building lighting needs.

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