The O2

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The O2

Client Overview

Situated in Greenwich, London, The O2 is a world-class entertainment location that attracts millions of visitors each year. Sporting the iconic dome roof, the venue houses the O2 Arena, a state-of-the-art live music club, an 11-screen multiplex cinema, an exhibition centre, along with a whole street of bars, restaurants and leisure attractions. The Arena features the most sought-after names in music and theatrical productions, and also played host to the 2012 Olympics.

Project Brief

Working under their status as a Philips Value Added Reseller, LTP was brought in to fit 12,000 D-Tube fixtures onto 12 cylinders around The O2. For the cylinders to meet AEG’s specific presentation needs, the team were also contracted to procure and install the signal processing and direct drive units required to deliver sequenced visual graphics.

Technical Solutions

Each cylinder was designed to run sequences of video material, effectively promoting events and show sponsors. The featured images were scheduled by AEG, leading providers of live entertainment and sporting events.

LTP’s contract took them onto the site for three months, with a team of 12 engineers necessary to complete the challenging project.

To synchronise the content and networking of screens, a C-nario multilayer player, supporting a variety of resolutions from 50 x 80 pixels to HD 1080p, was installed.

In addition to these works, LTP further built on its service provider role to Philips, with other visitor attraction and live entertainment projects including the servicing of BBC Big Screens in key cities across the UK.


AEG were delighted with the results. LTP worked efficiently and effectively to complete the work ahead of schedule, and well within the confines of the venue’s extensive events calendar.

Client Comment

The Broadcast Manager at The O2 Arena was really impressed with the impact of the cylinders and thrilled that they could “allocate targeted content to different displays at different parts of the day.”

Key Products

  • Philips Vidiwall
  • D-Tube fixtures
  • Direct drive units
  • Signal processors
  • C-nario Multilayer player